Our Services

Fractures and other injuries

Most pediatric and adolescent arm and leg injuries can be safely and effectively treated in the office.  We treat growth plate injuries, sprains, and arm and leg fractures in patients from birth up to 21 years old.  POBAR has on-site casting and XRay for quality patient care and convenience.  If an injury requires surgery, Dr. Bradley performs the surgery at an outpatient surgery center or the hospital.

Sports Injuries

We treat acute and chronic sports injuries. This includes ligament sprains and tears such as ankle sprains, knee anterior cruciate ligament tears, and shoulder dislocations. Treatments for chronic overuse injuries such as stress fractures, growth plate strains, foot stress reactions, and muscle strains are tailored to the patient and her sport. We have special treatment plans for injured young people who are still growing.

Kids’ Conditions

Clubfoot, hip dysplasia, cerebral palsy, walking abnormalities, limb length differences, back pain, and non-operative scoliosis treatment are among the many pediatric orthopedic services we offer.  Please email us or call us to ask if we treat a condition your child might have.

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